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Chris Long, Zach Ertz tee off on FOX News

FOX News Channel, the preferred viewing and interview-giving destination of the President, has used images of Eagles players kneeling in prayer when discussing the issue of the Eagles not visiting the White House, ostensibly due to kneeling during the anthem. The purpose was subtle yet obvious: FOX News was creating the impression that Eagles players kneel during the anthem. Even though they don’t.

Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long noticed, and he has responded.

Indeed, plenty of Patriots players chose not to attend the White House visit last year, months before the President made anthem standing a lightning rod for rallying his base. And the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, like the Eagles, were uninvited to the White House, but not because of the anthem — but because not enough of them were willing to go.

That’s ultimately what happened here. Not enough Eagles were willing to go to the White House, to the point where the absences would have been too conspicuous, especially for someone who seems to prefer all things bigly.

Leading the way among the teams that couldn’t get out of their own way was the 49ers. And in the first year after Cowboys, Dolphins, Dolphins, Steelers, Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers, Steelers, Raiders, the 49ers took over.

But even after a 13-3 season that gave the 49ers the No. 1 seed in the NFC (and the best record in all of football), no one believed that the 49ers could finish the job. Especially with the Cowboys standing in the way for a berth in Super Bowl XVI.

Then came the game that culminated in The Catch. And that’s what made Dwight Clark’s feat even more impressive. Making the moment even more unforgettable was the fact that it represented a break from the same-old NFL.

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