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This one doesn’t sound bad, because yeah, taking a bad quarterback is not great. But there’s a few things wrong with it:

A) Are there positions other than quarterback where missing with the No. 2 pick is somehow OK? No, not at all. Whiffing that hard takes an already bad team and sets them back — that’s just how it works.

B) The idea that quarterback is more disastrous is really just tied to the idea that teams are viciously stubborn with their investments. Former Eagles president Joe Banner explains:

Listen, it’s fun, James said of Stephenson. He’s a competitor. He don’t back down from nobody, and I definitely don’t as well. So it’s going to be a good series.

Indiana coach Nate McMillan acknowledged that he kept Stephenson on somewhat of a short leash.

He did some good things, McMillan said. We knew that the eyes were going to be on both he and LeBron. You have to control your emotions out there. You can’t be drunk on emotions. I thought we kind of lost it there for a little bit in that second half. We made a substitution, and we was able to get it back. You don’t want to take aggressiveness away from your players, but you’ve got to be smart out there and calm and make good decisions.

He is universally beloved. A celebrity. The prospect who slew adversity to slay all prospects who slew adversity. His jersey will fly off the shelf the second it hits the shelf.

And it’s all because Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome, a congenital birth defect that prevented the fingers from fully developing on his left hand. He had the hand amputated at four years old, broke out as a star at Central Florida and is now, unquestionably, the feel-good story of draft season.

But here’s the thing: Griffin does not want to be anyone’s feel-good story.

About four hours before Monday’s game, Bird was on the field at Yankee Stadium throwing and fielding softly hit ground balls while on his knees.

The fact that he’s doing all these things is a really encouraging sign, Boone said. I would say that I’m excited about his progress and where he is, and hopefully it’ll be a little bit on the shorter side.

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